Teresa Dickert aka Geekers

The Pinball Location Database (PLDB) is Teresa's senior project, which will hopefully net her a spectacular grade, allowing her to graduate from Carroll College in May 2005. Teresa is a pinball enthusiast, who hopes to help the community with this site. She intends to continue to make this site better in terms of both how it looks and how it runs. She welcomes any feedback from PLDB visitors. ^_^

E-mail her at: geekers (@t) ninehells (d0t) com.
Peter H. Coffin aka Hellsop
Owner of Guy/Admin

Peter provides the space for the PLDB. He also helps by looking out for issues, works on difficult SQL statements with Teresa, and helps fix her parse errors. ^_~ Peter owns a Whirlwind machine with aspirations to own many more machines in the future!

E-mail him at: hellsop (@t) ninehells (d0t) com.
I might be interested in more administrators in the future.

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